A happy smile with a new latrine! “Thank you PAPSDA!”

Mrs. Ben Oun is 72 years old, lives in Robongromeas, a village neighboring Toul Thmear village. Her husband died ten years ago. She has six children [four daughters and two sons]. They are all married and live in separated houses. She has fifteen grandchildren.  But Oun lives with her youngest daughter. Because the family has not been able to earn much during the year, some of her children have to migrate to find jobs.

Mrs Ben Oun stays with her two grandchildren and her sick son in-law. She doesn’t only look after them, but also her house work. She has two hectares of rice paddy, four buffaloes and thirty chicken. Her son in-law is a buffalo boy.  

Oun said “I am very excited that ADRA through PAPSDA project has provided me one latrine. I don’t need to go with one hoe on hands out to the field or bush behind my house any more. I feel very bored and difficult without latrine; I feel ashamed of my neighbors. My family hygiene is not so good like what I told you that my son in-law has serious stomachache; so I have to boil water for drinking every day. I sometimes have to go to my daughter’s house which is far away from my house in order to use her latrine temporarily.”

Mrs Oun finally said “I am very grateful for ADRA PAPSDA project who has supported me with a nice latrine. I hope my family have better hygiene and a better life with no more difficulties. I and my grandchildren will be safe and healthy.” Thank you ADRA and PAPSDA for providing our neighboring village latrines. We are not only making Toul Thmear village different, but also the neighboring village-Robongromeas!


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