ADRA Connections

ADRA New Zealand Connections- the Papatoetoe Seventh-day Adventist Church (PAPSDA) team 2015:

We are very excited to welcome the Papatoetoe Seventh-day Adventist Church (PAPSDA) team back to their village in Pursat from 6 February to 19 February 2015 . We are glad to see some new team members and some friends who have been here before for their first trip back in April 2014. This year we are working together to build a playground and complete a preschool for the children. As well as construction, the team is conducting a preschool teachers training workshop, doing activities with children, and building more latrines and wells for the people in their village. To plan for next years trip, a small group is doing a follow up assessment related to livelihood and water needs.

ADRA New Zealand Connections- Kindercare Learning Centres 2015:

We are very excited to welcome the team from Kindercare Learning Centres in New Zealand on an ADRA New Zealand Connections trip from 25 January to 6 February 2015. We are glad to see five new team members on this trip and are pleased to see five friends who have been here before. This time they come to help build playgrounds for the children at the Model preschool which they built and Primary school which they helped fund.

ADRA Australia Connections- the Victoria Conference team 2014:

Working hard since landing, the ADRA Connections Australia Vic Conference team (3 December to 17 December 2014) is bringing many smiles to rural Cambodia!

On day 1 team members visited historical Cambodian sites and participated in a rural development mapping exercise to learn how ADRA Cambodia partners with rural communities. On day 2 they were already out in the field where they spent several days learning about farming, Cambodian style. While they work, they are really enjoying getting to know the people they work with and understanding what life in rural Cambodia is like.

After meeting new friends at an after school outreach program, the team traveled up to Jombok Hoas Training Center where they are helping a community forestry association. Building trails and installing a zipline activity to help promote environmental awareness is hard work in itself, and to get to the work site is a 3 kilometer hike!

We are so thankful for the contributions that the ADRA Connections Victoria Conference team brought to Jombok Hoas! Working jointly with the community forest members they built a new zipline, a hut and mountain trails to help support the community forest save a little bit more of the environment in Preah Vihear province.

ADRA Australia Connections- the Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing team 2014:

Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing employees assisted in rural villages here in Cambodia, where 40% of children experience stunted growth and associated health problems as a result of malnutrition. They came as an ADRA Connections group and worked with ADRA staff and local communities to help turn this disturbing statistic around. They built latrines and wells, conducting village environmental health campaign and nutrition programs as well as assisted in home gardens and a child friendly village assessment meeting. This trip was part of Sanitarium’s annual Spirit of Sanitarium Awards (SOSA), an employee reward program that recognizes employees whose behaviors reflect Sanitarium’s values of care, courage, humility, integrity and passion.

This was the second group from Sanitarium that come to communities in Preah Vihear province working through integrated activities with the Securing Mothers’ and Infants’ Lives with Equity (SMILE) project funded by ADRA Canada and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of Canadian government.

ADRA Korea Connections- Korean North Kyungsan Province Youth team 2014:

Youth from the Korean North Kyungsan Province have built water harvest tanks and worked on a house for poor families in Kravanh District in Pursat province. They have also completed a great paint job at the Veal Vong primary school which is funded by ADRA Korea.

The Korean Youth Work Agency and ADRA Korea sponsor this opportunity to share hope with the community, exchange culture and dream for the future. The trip of the team was from