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Good news for mothers in the village

Khorn Sok Lim lives in a village 48 kilometres away from the nearest health centre. Her 2 year old daughter was born in the village because her family is poor and going to the health centre means an expensive and difficult journey. This has been the experience of most of the mothers in the village.

Sok Lim’s older friend, Keo Porng, has three children. The first two were born in the village but, for her most recent delivery, five month ago, she was able to go to the health centre in Sandan town where she was cared for by a qualified midwife. Her positive experience included a three day stay at the health centre so that the midwife could make sure she and her baby were strong enough for the journey home.

Sok Lim would like to be cared for by a qualified midwife when she is ready for a second child but  the health centre is still 48 kilometres away.

However, ADRA Cambodia, M’day Reak Reay Kone Reak Reay (MRKR) and the Ministry of Health are working together to build and equip a health centre to serve the village. Welcome news for all mothers in the village.


Progress on the construction of Koki Thom Health Center

We are so happy to see the new Koki Thom Health Center with a waiting/delivery suite almost finished! We are looking forward to the opening soon!

The Construction of Koki Thom Health Center has started

The Construction of Koki Thom Health Center has started.

With Financial support from HELP International through ADRA Cambodia and good cooperation with the Provincial Health Department, Operational District and local authority, Koki Thom Health Center construction was officially launched by Mr. Hak Monghuot, Baray District governor in Kampong Thom province on 20 February 2017. Community members in the entire Koki Thom commune are happy to have health facilities located nearby. We will share an update on the construction progress and when it will be completed:

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