Prasat Model Preschool (PMP)

01 August 2013 to 30 July 2019 * Chhouk Ksach Commune, Baray District,
Kampong Thom Province
* Project Goal: Children under six years old received an improved
foundation in preschool that assists them success in higher education
* Budget: TOTAL 237,434 USD
Donor/s: Kindercare Learning Centres with linkages to ADRA New Zealand


Project aims to establish and enhance the preschool classroom and its curriculum practices so that children age from 3-5 years have better foundation development through this enhanced curriculum. Kindercare ECD expert provides the technical support through organizing the workshops which involved preschool teachers (community and government preschool). The workshop is organized twice per years to advocate or demonstrate the new model preschool curriculum (Model curriculum suggested/trained by KinderCare and the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport). Those participants included the nearby preschool teachers, government education officer, Reflect Circle facilitators (Support by other ADRA projects). Project staff (Education Field officer) is charge of facilitating the running this workshop plus the follow up activities by visiting some of the government preschool classrooms to motivate teachers to incorporate activities in their current curriculum. Project has supported to build the preschool classroom and equip the necessary supplies for children to learn through play. Teachers and Assistants are trained and regularly coached by Kindercare specialist to make sure they provide the better quality of teaching those preschool students. Each year there were 50 children age 3-5 enrolled into the preschool class and they are divided into two groups (Morning and Afternoon session) and they are rotated the time between each group in a regular monthly basis.

Project also support the development of infrastructure in the school compound such as building the playground, washing station, latrines, water system, environment clean etc.

Moreover, project also aim to improve parenting behaviour for improving the early childhood development. Kindercare ECD specialist organized the workshop one time per years to parent to introduce the new positive behaviours for communicating with their children. Project staff conduct the home visit and observe the changes of parent regarding the practices of new positive behaviours. During the visit, the checklists are used to identify the model parent who well practices of child development and those parents would receive the motivation incentive from the project.

Primary School:

Besides preschool which is the main focus, project also support the primary school’s classes by donating fund support to build classrooms as well as provide the teaching technical support to teachers. The other infrastructures as mentioned above also are beneficial to the primary school students as well.

Community Development:

In addition to the development in school, project also support for community development focusing on hygiene and sanitation. Installation the Incinerators, recycle bins and setting up the recycling depot would change the behaviour of community for cleaning their living environment.