About Us

Our Core Values

Compassion, Integrity & Respect

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Capacity Building: ADRA Cambodia engages in building capacity of employees who then are empowered to build capacity of communities and organizations to facilitate and promote sustained development.
  • Learning: ADRA Cambodia promotes an environment of continual progressive organizational learning and growth
  • Values: ADRA Cambodia staff are maintaining the core values of Compassion, Integrity and Respect, modeling these in communities as key to the success of effective programs.

Our Network

ADRA is an international development and relief agency that focuses primarily on sustainable, long term development projects. Organized as a network ADRA is one of the world’s most widespread non-government organizations, with an active presence in more than 120 countries of which Cambodia is one. ADRA assists those in need without regard to ethnic, political, or religious affiliation. Visit Our Head Office: http://www.adra.org