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Reflect Learning Units and Session Topics

Reflect Learning Unit (RLU)


Session Topics


I. Introduction & Problem Identification

សេចក្តីណែនាំ និង ការកំណត់បញ្ហារក្នុង​សហកមន៌

1 Introduction to Reflect Circle and Writing names Daily Activities Gender Calendar W/M
2 Participatory Evaluation W/M
3 Village Resource Mapping --> See Sample [English] or [Khmer] W/M
4 Health & Sanitation Mapping (on village map) W/M
5 Village Authority Mapping W/M
6 Identifying Problems and Finding Solutions W/M
  -          More topics can come from this session including Literacy  
7 Income/Expense Tree W/M
8 Putting it all Together - campaign or action  

II. Learning through Play – In My Own Way


1 Brain Development W/M
2 Attachment --> See Sample
[English] or [Khmer]
3 Physical Growth W/M
4 Sense of Self and Relationships W/M
5 Communication and Understanding the world W/M
6 Importance of Play W/M
7 Toys and Toy Making W/M
8 Parental Guidance W/M
9 Malnutrition Problems/Causes/Factors W/M
10 Putting it all Together – Review and Graduation W/M

III. Maternal/Child Nutrition (ENA 1)


1 Malnutrition Problems/Causes/Factors W/M
2 Growth Monitoring & Counseling W
3 Three food groups --> See Sample
[English] or [Khmer]
4 One additional meal during pregnancy (ENA 1.1) M
5 Hand Washing, safe drinking water and latrine W/M
6 Putting it all Together - campaign or action W/M

IV.  Maternal Health During Pregnancy
(ENA 2)


1 Promotion of Iron/Folic Acid for women and children (ENA2.1) W
2 ANC - Deworming for pregnant women (ENA2.2) M
3 ANC - Tetanus immunization for pregnant women (ENA2.3) M
4 Family sleeps under bed net (ENA2.4) M
5 Available Nutritious Foods --> See Sample
[English] or [Khmer]
6 Putting it all Together - campaign or action W/M

 V.  Optimal Breastfeeding 0-6 mo.
(ENA 4)

0-6 ខែ


1 Immediate breastfeeding (ENA 4.1) W/M
2 Exclusive breastfeeding (ENA 4.2)
--> See Sample [English] or [Khmer]
3 Breastfeed on demand => 10/day & night (ENA 4.3) W
4 Eat 2 extra meals/day during breastfeeding (ENA 4.5) M
5 Child Feeding During Migration W/M
6 Putting it all Together - campaign or action W/M

 VI.  Complementary Feeding
6-23 months. (ENA 5)

6-23 ខែ

1 Introduce soft foods 2-3 times/day at 6 mo (ENA 5.1) W
2 Continue breastfeeding until at least 2 years (ENA 5.2) W
3 Enrich babies' food with 2-3 different types )of foods (such as oil, peanuts, meat, eggs, mung beans, vegetables and fruits) at each meal (ENA 5.3)
--> See Sample [English] or [Khmer]
4 FREQUENCY: From 6-11 mo. feed enriched food 2-3 times/day and semi-sold snacks 1-2 times/day (ENA 5.4) W
5 AMOUNT: From 6-8 mo. feed 2-3 tablespoons porridge mixed with other foods; From 9-11 mo. Feed 4 tablespoons porridge mixed with other foods. (ENA 5.5) W
6 FREQUENCY & AMOUNT: From 12-24 mo. 3-4 meals/day (at least 250ml) enriched porridge or family foods plus 1-2 snacks. Breastfeed baby before offering food. (ENA 5.6) W
7 Available Nutritious Foods W
8 Child Feeding During Migration W/M
9 Putting it all Together - campaign or action W/M

VII. Positive Deviant/Hearth


1 RC: Traditional Beliefs about Nutrition W/M
2 RC: Available Nutritious Foods for children
--> See Sample [English] or [Khmer]
·         Wealth ranking  
·         Market Survey  
·         Growth monitoring (counsel caregivers with results - make sure malnourished children join)  
·         PDI Study  
NERP/Hearth sessions 10 days (20 min. non-formal learning, songs and playing)  
·  Select 3-6 PD topics related to good feeding practices in village. Share these informally during the extra meal & snack given to all malnourished children (severe, malnourished and at risk)  
3 Topic chosen from PDI results W
4 Topic chosen from PDI results W
5 Topic chosen from PDI results W
6 Topic chosen from PDI results W
7 Topic chosen from PDI results W
8 Three Food Groups (anticipated as a PD topic) W
9 Access to Food (anticipated as a PD topic) W
10 Nutritious Food and Good Practice (anticipated as a PD topic) W
  HOME follow-up Visits 10 days W/M
  NERP/Hearth Sessions 10 days (repeat or add new topics from PD as needed) W
11 Putting It All Together - Cooking Demonstration W/M

 VIII.  Nutritional Care for Sick
Children (ENA 6)


1 When sick, increase frequency of breastfeeding and if => 6 mo., offer additional food (ENA6.1) W
2 When child >6 mo. recovers, give 1 additional meal of solid food each day for 14 days (ENA6.2) W
3 When child has severe diarrhea, take him to the HC and ask for zinc (ENA6.3)
--> See Sample [English] or [Khmer]
4 When child > 6mo. Has moderate malnutrition, in additional to the supplementary food that he/she receives, give 1 additional bowl of food each day. Breastfeed your child more often (ENA6.4) W
5 Mutual Parent Responsibility and Roles W/M
6 Putting it all Together - campaign or action W/M

 IX.  Micronutrients (ENA 3&7)


1 Use iodized salt in cooking for all family members (ENA3) W
2 Ensure pregnant and lactating women and children each papaya, mango and other yellow/orange fruits, potatoes, dark leafy green vegetables, liver, milk. (Vit. A and Iron) (ENA7.1) W/M
3 Take Vitamin A supplements  as soon as possible (within 45 days) after delivery (ENA 7.2) W
4 When baby is 6 months, give Vitamin A supplements every 6 months (ENA7.3) W/M
5 When child is 1 year, deworm every 6 months (ENA7.4) W/M
6 Sleep under treated bed net (ENA7.5) W/M
7 Sprinkles W
8 Deworming when pregnant W
9 Putting it all Together - campaign or action
--> See Sample [Khmer]

X.  AGR Home Gardening


1 Growing Yellow Vegetable W/M
2 Growing Green Vegetables W/M
3 Growing Fruits Trees --> See Sample [Khmer] W/M
4 Growing Rice - SRI W/M
5 Hen Raising W/M
6 Fish Raising W/M
7 Putting it all Together - campaign or action  W/M




1 WAT Safe water (Mainly Drinking) W/M
2 HYGSAN Method of Behavior Change W/M
3 HYGSAN Handwashing times W/M
4 HYGSAN Personal Hygiene W/M
5 WAT/SAN Putting it all Together – Sanitation for small children campaign W/M
6 LAT Importance of sanitary latrine use W/M
7 LAT Importance of sanitary latrine use W/M
8 LAT Importance of sanitary latrine use W/M
9 LAT Importance of sanitary latrine use W/M
10 ENV Reduce usage air pollution W/M
11 ENV Smoke from Stove Causes Harm to Human Health W/M
12 ENV Reduce usage of chemicals and pesticides W/M
13 ENV Household garbage management
--> See Sample [Khmer]
14 ENV Community garbage W/M
15 ENV Reduce contaminants W/M
16 DRR Disaster & Hazard W/M
17 DRR Risks and Vulnerability W/M
18 DRR Disaster Calendar W/M
19 DRR Prevention & Mitigation W/M
20 WASH Promotion in School W/M

 XII.  Gender



1 24 Hours – What is Gender W/M
2 Dream Arrow W/M
3 Floating Coconut --> See Sample [Khmer] W/M
4 Access and Control W/M
5 Power Analysis W/M
6 Putting it all Together – campaign or action W/M

XIII. Non-Communicable Disease



XIV. Tobacco or Health​​

ថ្នាំជក់ រឺ សុខភាព


1 Tobacco is a silent killer W/M
2 Pregnant women chewing tobacco and second hand smoke W/M
3 Smoking is injurious to your health W/M
4 How to quit smoking W/M
5 How to prevent relapse --> See Sample [Khmer] W/M

XV. Live More Cambodia




1 The rise and rise of chronic diseases W/M
2 Lifestyle is the best medicine --> See Sample
[English] or [Khmer]
3 The common denominator of NCDs W/M
4 The optimal lifestyle W/M
5 Eat more, weigh less W/M
6 Fiber; your new best friend W/M
7 Disarming diabetes W/M
8 The heart of the matter – heart health W/M
9 Controlling blood pressure W/M
10 Step into active living W/M
11 Cancer prevention W/M
12 Celebrating your results W/M
13 Become what you believe W/M
14 Practicing forgiveness W/M
15 Re-engineering your environment W/M
16 Stress-relieving strategies W/M
17 Fix how you feel W/M
18 From Surviving to Thriving W/M

XVI. Soil Transmitted Helminths



XVII. Anti-Trafficking


1 Domestic Violence  
2 Joint Decision Making  
3 Safe Migration --> See Sample [English] or [Khmer]  

XVIII. Youth Reproductive Health


1 Life skills  
2 Growth and Changes in youth --> See Sample
3 Pregnancy  
4 Birth Spacing  
5 Gender and Reproductive Health  
6 Morality and peer pressure  
7 Drug use  
8 Sex trafficking  

XIX. Ethics











XX. Baby Welcome Basket



Learning through Play - RLU #2 from above


XXI. Making Mealtimes Matter


XXII. Community Issue


1 Facilitated topic to analyze and take action on community identified issues
--> See Sample [Khmer]
2 Facilitated topic to analyze and take action on issue etc.  


Sample Project

Schedule of First Reflect Learning Unit (RLU) Training of Trainers