The Preschool Brings Opportunity to Rann

boy Rann

Rann Ry was abandoned as a child. He is 5 years and has an older sister and an older brother.  Rann’s father migrated to Thailand many years ago and has had no contact.  Rann’s mother went to work as a garment worker at Phnom Penh and no one has heard from her during the last five years.

Rann’s foster mother, an old lady who lives in palm thatch roofed house with palm leaf walls says “Rann’s parents broke-up in Thailand and his mother brought him and his two siblings here then went away to look for a job at Phnom Penh. She has never come back since then. I asked many people about his parents, but there is no one has any information. I am not his grandmother, but I commiserate with him. So I decided to raise him. I am not rich; however, I can raise him. I have brought him up since he was a baby. He has two siblings and other neighbors look after them, they decide to care for one each.” She continued, “If one day his parents come back and get him, I am happy to give him to the parents. But sometimes I don’t want to lose him. I love him. I think their parents may have abandoned them for good because it has been about 5 years till now.” The foster mother continued with a deep breath “Rann is one of our Toul Thmear kids who has bad luck, receiving no care from his parents since he was a baby. His parents left him alone and I am thankful for the other neighbors help to bring up the other two.

One day Rann and his brother went to visit the Tuol Thmear Community Preschool. They did not dare to ask the other kids to play with them. They just stood and looked at other kids playing. Seeing them in dirty pants without shirt and sandals, the Preschool teacher, Srey Pov, asked him “Where is your home?”  Rann replied, “it is over there!” Srey Pov took him near the water faucet and cleaned him up. And then she let him sit down in the classroom with the other preschool students.

Rann came to school every day. He came for both morning and afternoon sessions. The teacher said “Rann, you can choose to come only one session – either morning or afternoon session. But he still came for both sessions. “That is ok if you want to come for both,” the teacher said. After a few days, Rann’s foster brother came to find him at preschool. He talked to the teacher, “I searched for Rann for many days now as I didn’t know where he went after breakfast and lunch. Now I know he comes here. I was afraid to lose him. ” He continued “Could you please let him study and play here?”  “Yes! I agree for him to be a student.” Srey Pov replied.

“Rann goes to school every day now. He is becoming more calm and obedient. He always listens to the teacher while she is teaching. He has learned to respect,” says his teacher.

Rann’s foster mother is very elated to know that the Toul Thmear Community Preschool is bringing education to Rann. She says, “I hope that one day he can read and write.” Now she feels he is respectful and can sing a song about hygiene very well.

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